It was my Nan’s 100th birthday.

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“She looks so well!” everyone says.

“I feel old mate” she’ll say.

As she opened the card from the Queen, my teens and I caught up with her on the Wattsap screen! Despite the noise and bustle of her wonderful care home, Nan feels quite alone, more so right now in Tier 4, my mum can’t just swing by and knock at her door.

I shared some pics of Nan receiving her card from the Queen here.

If you were 100 and reflecting on life, what would you like to have loved, been, said, or done?


In this episode of Jane Investigates, I write about vision boarding as a way to uncover unconscious and conscious desires, dreams and direction. It can help us get clearer about what we want to BE, SAY DO & HAVE© and help to keep us on track, and aligned with our passions and purpose, even if we aren’t quite sure what these might be!

It's a great way to get focused on what you don’t want and to visually align yourself into the energy that you do and that is right for you. It is what it says on the tin, visual.

“Jane, nobody has ever asked what I want before and I have never considered it”

Is Vision Boarding For Everyone?

Not all successful people goal set, practise manifestation, or make vision boards, to some these ideas seem rather contrived, organised and systematised. They’d rather follow their interests, things that make their hearts sing, and delve into the daily unknown. Of course, it’s OK to wonder and wander in this way and it does work for lots of people to live their lives in this random flow. Success is defined in different ways, horses for courses.

Reflect on these visionary words:-

“the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom” Oxford Dictionary

an experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind, although not actually present, often under the influence of a divine or other agency”

Discover Your Desires, Dreams, and Direction

Creating a vision board can in itself be a very relaxed, therapeutic experience. It’s OK to not have a clue where to start, feel a little fearful of not getting it right, and overwhelmed. Through a little creative space to discover you might be surprised at what you uncover.

Getting Started

Allow for not knowing which direction you wish to take when you get started. If you are working with physical elements such as magazines, cards, posters etc you can cut things out of interest and move them on the page which can be quite big, the bigger the better works well, for some.

Pause to consider what you want to Be, Say, Do or Have now and in the future. In fact, this could take you a day or more to meditate, mull, and conceive.

What To Use

Choose the media you wish to work with that serves you best eg sharpies, chalks, natural materials, fabric, paints, plants whatever is your way. There are no rules except it's best to work with what you do want on a board not what you don’t.

Pictures work well, so do words, try poetry too, even affirmation sentences written in the present tense.

Have fun, get playful, and relax, cease being too logical about it nobody is scoring you out of 10.

Play Music

Play some nice music, light candles, create a soothing atmosphere. You might enjoy this playlist which my friends contributed too, it ranges from totally wowo, 80s and disco.

Immerse Yourself In Possibilities

Find an image of yourself or someone you aspire to be more like or who inspires you and place it in the center of the page, you want to be central to the vision board, not peripheral watching it happen, immerse yourself in your possibilities, feel the experiences.

Work Intuitively

Work intuitively, you will know what feels and looks right, and where to place it, trust your wings, let your heart sing.

Think about or research sayings, quotes, straplines that inspire you and add these to the patchwork of visions as they unfold and your heart's stories get told.

If it gets cluttered, simplify, less is always more.

Once it’s complete, regularly take a peek and notice the little universal nudges in your life that occur. Pay closer attention, get more present to what is delivered to you as a result of spending more time in this visual space.

Take A Picture of Your Vision Board

Take a picture of it too if you like to carry about on your phone. Pause in the day to pay attention to it, breathe, and believe.

Expect the Unexpected.

Expect To Feel Connected to something larger than life.

Energy glows where your attention flows. The law of attraction and all that.

And Finally


I facilitate a number of creative spaces including virtual vision boarding sessions, I teach groups and individuals how to design them on a simple digital platform called Canva. You might like to come and join us. The vision board spaces will be listed in the links here across the year:

Have a play at mapping out your ideas on this digital learning platform called Thortspace too, here’s a little journey I’ve made

It's good to have you here.

Jane Tyson

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