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What Is Mandala Art?

Birthed in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and loosely translated from Sanskrit, mandala means circle. Mandala’s are repeating patterns of harmony, unity and wholeness from a central space, aligned with the neverending universe. There are many ways to create a mandala and in this “Jane Investigates” episode I share a way we can create greater calm, clearer thinking, and present moment awareness through making a mandala in nature.

Why Make A Mandala?

Mandalas can teach us much about non-attachment, impermanence, the cycle of life, and being with things as they are.

I decided to niche

And wondered what to niche about

It was 2018

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One of the things I decided to investigate niching was the number eight.

I wrote a little ebook called The Book of Eight.

It included a sub-ebook 🙂 called “Practical Sleep Tips for Parents of Overwhelmed 8-Year-Olds”

I’d worked with so many eight-year-olds over the past 25 years as a teacher, creative coach, plus mindfulness and yoga teacher. So I thought it would be a good one to niche — 8.

I also grew two of my own.

Eight-year-olds experience quite a big transition from Year 2…

Jane “Investigating the Weird and Wonderful” Tyson

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“Upside Down Rainbow” by Jason Arbiter

According to my mostly unqualified research, 50% of people say that a smile is the first feature they notice about someone, there are 19 types of smile, we use between 5 to 53 muscles in the process and smiling stimulates the brain in the same way as consuming 2,000 chocolate bars.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

This investigation is about smiling. I asked a few friends whether they would like to contribute. …

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Photo by Jorge Gardner on Unsplash

Episode 25


4 Reasons To Speak From The Heart

  1. We begin to share this gift with others, it’s infectious
  2. It lowers our stress levels
  3. It might not have an immediate effect on solving world problems, but it might just make us kinder, more courageous, and compassionate human beings.
  4. People take notice of people who are authentic and have the courage to speak their truth and might just listen more to your message.

“What to speak about at this month’s Random Dialogues event?” I asked my friends.

“Well as the event centers around speaking from the heart why don’t you…

It was my Nan’s 100th birthday.

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“She looks so well!” everyone says.

“I feel old mate” she’ll say.

As she opened the card from the Queen, my teens and I caught up with her on the Wattsap screen! Despite the noise and bustle of her wonderful care home, Nan feels quite alone, more so right now in Tier 4, my mum can’t just swing by and knock at her door.

I shared some pics of Nan receiving her card from the Queen here.

If you were 100 and reflecting on life, what would you like to have loved, been, said…

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Whilst investigating Boxing Day, memories of Nan tipping window cleaners, posties, milk and paper deliverers, plus refuse collectors came to mind.

For many it’s typically a day of resting, digesting, walking, heading off to the races, footie, or Christmas sales. Boxing Day occurs on the 26th of December, became an official bank holiday in 1871, and has a history of 800 years.

I found no evidence of boxing, only giving. For example, in the 18th Century, the “alms” from the Christmas Day church collection might include gifts or money to distribute to the poor the following day.

It was also…

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A “Glad I Did It Story” originally written on 8th June 2020.

rama.dasaratha writes in our LIFESmart Facebook community,Sharing a Glad I Did It Story is an important activity for sharing work in progress and playing it forward. It enables us to share our story in a way that others can gain actionable insights.”

Why this story?

The story is about a practical guide for mindfulness ebook. It has 19 pages with large text, and encourages individuals to explore mindfully where their creativity is and ignite their passions!

“Extremely useful little ebook by the force of nature and creative…

Jane Investigates Episode 19

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Is there any legitimacy for the no-poo and oil cleansing method? In the various blogs, videos, and tips I’ve read and watched, 6 weeks seems to be the turning point, especially if you get it right. It also seems easy to go wrong and end up with an itchy, greasy, flaky scalp, rank hair, and loss of confidence!

In this video I share how it is going up to week 2, I’ll add random updates. If you are interested, bookmark this page and subscribe to my channel to get a reminder.

Here are 8 questions…

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As I pulled my stone from the box, the children gasped with excitement. The magic is in the anticipation, the group energy, the shared curiosity. They had to guess where it had come from, and why it was in the box. It was a pleasant change from their usual worksheets, powerpoints and tight schedules.

The stone was very dull, boring grey, and rather chipped.

But the stone had a story; it had the traditional tale of “stone soup”, which I’d blended from the many versions I’d found online.

I like to make these stories up a bit (sometimes quite a…

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It’s good to have you here. You may also like to read the full Episode here

Jane “Investigating the Weird and Wonderful” Tyson

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