Solving World Problems One Mum at a Slime

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Today in Streatham.

Partners in Slime.

The amount of glue, glitter, pots we also use at home... 😂

I love the Science in Action but the chemicals in some of the crap my daughter uses, eww.

And the plastic.

On a healthier note.

Last night.

Creative Cousins decorated gingerbread biscuits.

With various e-numbers, sugar and preservatives.

They thoroughly enjoyed it.

This morning, whilst I was laying in Shavassana pose after a gentle yoga workout, the puppy found one of the tiny blue smarties abandoned on the floor.

She then climbed all over my face and bounced around the house.

Now bundled in her basket.

Chocolate is dangerous for dogs eh?

Hopefully she won’t be tempted by the slime.

She appears pretty Zen after the yoga.

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