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Solving World Problems One Mum at A Time: Present Moonment Awareness

Being aware of the changing seasons gifts us with space to reflect and naturally / naturefully take notice and slow down in order to appreciate the world all a’round’.

The 21st December marked The Winter Solstice. Perhaps you saw the beautiful big full moon on Friday, sometimes referred to in December as ‘The Cold Moon’

Present ‘moonment’ awareness enhances calm, connection, and resilience, isn’t this a great state of mind to BE in to solve world problems!

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After All She Has To Put Up with All of our Problems

During the Winter Solstice Full Moon, some people like to give thanks and express gratitude to Mother Earth (Gaia), after all she has to put up with everyone’s problems. However, if you aren’t into this kind of thing, there are still lots of benefits to living life ‘appreciatively’. I wrote about the Upward Spiral and its benefits in this LinkedIn Article

To increase this cocktail of happy hormones, each evening for the next 7 days why not practice keeping a simple journal to encourage reflection and appreciation of the the positive things in life.

Keeping the notebook and pen next to your bedside will help you to reminder to complete it.

Questions you ask might include:

What are you most grateful for today?
What is the kindest thing you did for someone?
What small/large action did you take to solve world problems?
What nature did you notice?
What was your best moment?
What did you do to take care of yourself?
Any other positive moments…

Usually, our minds find it easier to focus on negative events so sometimes it can be a challenge to recall the positives. This 7 day experience is a good opportunity to train our brains and shift our thinking.

Creating New Habits

Of course you may wish to continue your journal for longer, sometimes it can take 21 and beyond to create a new habit.

Even set an intention to always do it, just imagine how happy this could make you BE and those around you as you infect them with your joyful world changing ripples…

Jane Tyson

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Solving World Problems One Moon at At a Time

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