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‘Let’s go on a nature treasure hunt’ I say to my 14 and 12 year old.

‘OMG just stop being so weird mum’

I just found out there there is actually a term called ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’, coined in 2005 by author Richard Louv.

‘OK, how about a walk in the woods?’

‘Mum you are so in the way, can’t you see we are in the middle of a game’

The average child in the UK now spends up to 6.5 hours per day on technology, more for boys, and between 4–7 minutes outdoors (not sure what it is for parents)

Am rather hoping all the welly wellbeing on the allotment, planted strong roots.


How do you inspire your children to get outdoors and connect with nature?

Cadets have whisked my son away to a camp this weekend and daughter is about to play footie, so there were some fresh air refills.

I continue to share Project Oak Leaf in schools showing the video and encouraging children to notice nature.

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