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Solution One: Open the Door Handle

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Bathing in the melatonin release as sunset on the allotment, I reflected on why it had taken about 3 weeks to visit the plot.

The cold weather, coughs catching us out, rain, and lack of sunshine all playing their part in my procrastinating Winter mind.

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The view from the plot at 5.00pm

I’m writing an e-book titled:

Happy Kids: What’s Melatonin Got to Do With It 11 Solutions for Successful Sleep

Solution 1 : Open the door handle and step into nature.

Being outdoors, wrapped warm and with a focus to tidy was energising.

Winter overwhelm freed with the weeds.

My brother in law commented on my sleep post on Facebook:

The lack of sleep problem is a ticking time bomb. People are fighting the Circadian rhythm which is an in built feature we have. In other words we are designed to be inactive and at sleep during the hours of darkness. Basically another issue is that lives are too fast. Too frantic. People need to slow down. John Fitzalen Blackhurst

Wifi was off.

Smoky fire lit.

Marshmallows toasted.

Green tea sipped.

Life slowed.

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My daughter made the fire. Marshmallows were an incentive to get her out ha. My son 14 year old son wasn’t so swayed from the sofa!

Our late arrival on the plot meant less than 2 hours of daylight,working together up to 5.00pm, no longer possible to find the dormant bindweed roots.

It definitely felt like a system reset. More so than my experiences in yoga flow, meditation or journalling.

In the Growing Systems of Success Daily group Kevin Parcell started a conversation about success.

‘Is there a thread here about the definition of success, or the nature of success?’

There have been various interesting conversations since.

My response is that sometimes when we simply focus on what can be done, the insights come and the success from little and often.

As weeding progressed the plot became clearer, along with thinking about other nano, micro and macro projects here and elsewhere.

Rama writes about this in our Solving World Problems One Mum at a Time newsletters.

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In Newsletter 3 we focus on two questions :

1. How do you intend to grow your personal learning networks in 2019? Why?

2. How do you intend to grow your systems of success in 2019? Why?

In response to 2, success yesterday was putting on my welly boots, packing my gloves and stepping out the door. It was a system that will now help me to sow seeds and ‘grow’ success on the allotment. I shall be creating a new Thortspace sphere about it this week.

Success in Nature.

The Nature of Success

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As dusk fell I felt quite aware of the melatonin being released into my system. Also making sure last night that my phone was switched off by 8.00pm.

Jane Tyson

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